Stray Russian Dogs Use Subway

russia subway dogs

In Moscow, Russia, stray dogs are using the subway!

As Muscovite commuters use the subways in the morning they are joined by an array of stray dogs. There are more than 30,000 stray dogs wandering the streets of Moscow and as all of the food is in the city, the stray dogs have to travel in order to get fed.

The Moscow Metro is the second most heavily used in the world by daily ridership. On average, about 500 dogs live in its stations, especially during colder months. Of these dogs, about 20 are believed to have learned how to use the system as a means of commuting. The strays move to the city center during the day in search of food and return to the suburbs at night.

They are said to prefer the quieter, less trafficked cars at the very front or back of the train.

russia subway dogs

russia subway dogs


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